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シャンデリア 鳥かご

Stress Free Nail

Just One Step! Easy non wipe gel
that does not require base, top or sanding.
It comes in a pen, highly recommended for beginners.

Ultimately Stress Free!
Water based nail that are invented to
minimize the damage to nails.

Easy French Line with the chisel tip.
Many variation of water based colors
will allow you to change your nails
every day.

Difficult but enjoyable nail art is now
easily done with Nail Art Pen.
Because its water based, it dries fast and
yet, lets you erase and redraw.

Fragranced acetone free nail
remover will minimize the
damage to your nails.
The essential oil that are mixed
in, will moisturize your nail.

Unique color and texture will
capture your heart.
Outstanding drying speed is an
advantage too.

Portable LED light with timer.
Rechargeable battery will allow
you to do gel nails anywhere,

Stick on your nail before doing nails.
Peeling off the wrap is the only thing you require
to remove.
Also protects nail damage from sanding.

Elimination of 5 ingredients that causes damages to nails.

Warned for carcinogenic ; one of the factor to cause Sick House Syndrome.
Poisonous and Deleterious substance
which is one of the factor to cause Sick House Syndrome.
*Dibutyl phthalate
Suspected of teratogenecity.
*Formaldehyde resin
May cause irritation of mucous membrane,
acute toxicity and inflammation, depending on concentration.
May cause disorder in nerve system and muscle, as well as inflammation.

※Has not been tested on animals. ※Partially may be 4 Free and 3 Free.